Now This Is Just Crazy

I was surfing the web killing some time until I headed out to a movie and I stumbled upon an article about a cell phone that Samsung is looking to bring to market.  Now, this is not just any phone.  Picture a cell phone with a bendable screen.  Talk about solving a problem that I have with my cell phone…

As cell phones get larger and larger, I find myself not being able to put the thing in my jean pocket and actually move around.  Sitting is a chore sometimes.  Is that a phone in your pocket, or are you happy to see me…err, well, both?

In all seriousness, is this something that we consumers really need?  A foldable phone?  Really?  While the technology may be cool and is sure to impress your friends, what happens if you happen to fold the phone and little too much, or a little too often.  Even some of the most pliable objects become brittle and break over time with repeated use.  Especially when repetitive stress exposes flaws.  Hell, even rubber bands break.  Keep a rubber band stretched and it will likely snap as the rubber band dries out.  You can’t tell me that the internal components and all their tiny little soldering points are unaffected by being bent over and over again.

I guess time will tell, but then again, weren’t we supposed to being traveling in flying cars by now?  Pretty sure that everyone missed that goal but just a little bit.

Samsung is saying in their PR that the target this phone will be on market some time in the end of 2016.  It is still a ways off, but I just time will tell on whether or not this idea really gets off the ground.  Think Apple will be the next one to jump on this bandwagon?  Floppy phones coming to a pocket near you!

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